HDTV Home Audio tips

How to enhance your home TV audio experience

  If you have an HDTV that looks great on screen but has an unpredictable or underwhelming sound experience then there's several ways to help. The most simple, affordable and compact way … > Continue reading

Curtain and blinds decorating ideas.

Did you know window treatments could be so creative?

We're so ingrained in thinking curtains or blinds for our windows that we forget the whole purpose is to provide privacy, shade or a decorative element for our windows and homes. So, think outside the … > Continue reading

Flower planting tips

Just add flowers – some ShopRTO tips for a beautiful home garden

It's spring time which means flowers! Lots of them, too. Whether planting them or putting them on vases or on the front door. There is nothing better for the home, family and soul like flowers when … > Continue reading

Easter egg decorations

Some Easter decorating ideas

The Easter bunny is hopping down your bunny trail so time to get festive. When it comes to Easter home decorations, you have the themes of rabbits, eggs, flowers, pastels with a fun and lively … > Continue reading