Back to school meal tips

Back to school time – Prepare healthy meals in advance

  Preparing all three meals during the school season can be difficult with working parents and busy school days. Therefore it's important to prepare in advance to make sure your kiddos get … > Continue reading

Prepare your home for school

Back to school time – Is your room ready?

  Whether your preparing for kindergarten or your college dorm room, get it ready for the school year. Here are some Shop RTO tips for doing so. First, the obvious. Clean it up. When … > Continue reading

back to school computers

Back to school time – consider renting or renting to own computers

Are you or your kids on the wrong side of the digital divide? If so, consider rent to own computers, laptops and tablets. They're affordable on a rental basis and either rent to own them as quickly as … > Continue reading

Clothes Cleaning symbols

A Shop RTO guide to clothes cleaning symbols

The better you care for your clothes, the longer they'll last and better they'll continue to look. That's why clothes makers put hieroglyphics so you can be even more confused when doing your laundry … > Continue reading