cheap home decorating ideas

Give your home some new flare at little cost

It's important to change things up in your home on a regular basis. It can be simple and inexpensive changes but help keep things fresh and new to your home. So here's some tips. The easiest is … > Continue reading

2015 furniture trends

Some furniture and decorating trends for 2015

If there is a word for today's furniture and decorating trends it would be "crazy fun". Gone are the uniformity of design, color and theme on both furniture and decorating. Take the latest trend of … > Continue reading

Tips for a clutter free home

Keep a clutter free home with a “launch pad”

Your doorway is the first place you enter and exit your home so maximize its space. And minimize clutter. The first obvious is the door mat. Duh. Don't want muddy paws, both yours and your pet's, … > Continue reading

rent to own prices

How does rent to own work?

Recent focus groups conducted by the national trade association (APRO) for the rent to own industry reveal most Americans do not know what the rent to own transaction is or what they do know is … > Continue reading