rent to own furniture payment options

What exactly is ’90 Days Same As Cash’?

Many retailers, rent to own furniture stores and short term loans offer '90 days same as cash'. Each are significantly different so pay attention to the details of the offer. If used wisely, '90 days … > Continue reading

Vinegar is an eco friendly cleaner.

The green cleaning power of vinegar for the home

Vinegar is an eco friendly, cheap and easy liquid that is the all purpose cleaner for the home. Think of anything in your house and cleaning with vinegar will be just what you need EXCEPT stonework … > Continue reading

Shopping tips for black Friday.

Ready for Black Friday? Some tips and predictions.

Black Friday is getting closer so get prepared for the busiest shopping day of the year with these Shop RTO shopping tips. First, and most importantly, don't be fooled by the "one day" sale. Black … > Continue reading

Make sure you have the correnct dining table dimensions.

Measure the correct way when picking the right dining room table for your home

There are several key factors when picking out your new dining room table. The most important is the proper size for your dining room table which means measuring first. And most people use the wrong … > Continue reading

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