Virtual Reality headsets prices are coming down

Virtual reality headsets are hitting the market hard?

Virtual reality headsets are now the rage especially since prices have come way down to consumer level as well as quality. Before you head out though, here's some quick glances at the world of today's … > Continue reading

rent to own furniture payments

Consumers want “180 days” rent to own payment plan for home furnishings

When consumers in a national study asked if "180 days same as cash" payment plan option would fit in their budget when shopping rent to own home furnishings, the answer was a resounding … > Continue reading

Color schemes are important for home decorating

Color schemes in your home have meaning

Before painting your home or picking out your furniture and appliances, you might want to understand the subconscious meanings behind the colors you choose. While many psychologists make sure to … > Continue reading

Best prices for cable.

Negotiate your cable/internet/phone bill and save money

Most people are uncomfortable or do not realize the power you have negotiating your cable, internet and telephone bill and package services. Save money and make the effort. You have nothing to lose … > Continue reading