A summer to-do list

Summer to-do list for the home exterior

Each season brings in a new set of chores specifically designed for those months. With summer, those months represent dryer conditions, warmer temperatures and longer days. That means it's perfect for … > Continue reading

Parents need sleepover tips.

How to create the best sleepover for the kids

It’s summer time so parents get ready for the repeating of “can Maple spend the night?”. So be prepared and read some of these sleepover tips to make those spend-a-nights as memorable as … > Continue reading

Some outdoor party tips

Here’s some outdoor party tips for the summer

Now that it's summer, school's out and you haven't seen your friends or family in awhile means you need to have a party. And, this time, let's go outside. Here's some outdoor party tips to help make … > Continue reading

Virtual Reality headsets prices are coming down

Virtual reality headsets are hitting the market hard?

Virtual reality headsets are now the rage especially since prices have come way down to consumer level as well as quality. Before you head out though, here's some quick glances at the world of today's … > Continue reading