Amazon Echo helps you at home

Amazon’s Echo takes voice recognition for your home one step further

Voice recognition for the car, Iwatch, smart phones have always been a cool idea but its usage and effectiveness has been equally frustrating at the least and wanting to rip its cords out and attach … > Continue reading

rent to own furniture payments

Consumers want “180 days” rent to own payment plan for home furnishings

When consumers in a national study asked if "180 days same as cash" option would fit in their budget when shopping to own home furnishings, the answer was a resounding 'yes'. Almost all rent to own … > Continue reading

Go to rent to own stores for kitchen renovation

Get money rebates for replacing home appliances

If you think you need new appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators and dish washers then make sure you take advantage of the rebates being offered. Old appliances waste a lot of money and … > Continue reading

Color schemes are important for home decorating

Color schemes in your home have meaning

Before painting your home or picking out your furniture and appliances, you might want to understand the subconscious  meanings behind the colors you choose. While many psychologists make sure to … > Continue reading