Save on bills

Save costs while keeping your home warm

As the temperatures drop you may notice utility bills rise. Since there is no way to escape the chill we have some cost effective ways to trim your dues without having to freeze through … > Continue reading

Frozen plants

Protect your plants from freezing

As the wind chill rolls in don’t forget about your plants. Experienced gardeners and plant owners know how much of a threat frost and freezing temperatures can pose on plants causing damage and in … > Continue reading

Tips for maximizing your space

Maximizing space for holiday guests

The holidays are fast approaching and chances are you may host some out of town guests. Holiday season calls for warmth and laughter and we can oftentimes agree that during impending celebrations the … > Continue reading

Tips for cleaning microwave

Easy microwave cleaning

Most of us are all too familiar with the occasional food splatter when heating something up in a microwave and with Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’ll have plenty of leftovers on our hands … > Continue reading