Have a great RTO July 4th party!

July 4th party tips

Happy Birthday America!

America’s birthday is coming up so it’s time to celebrate! And, if you want to avoid the crowds of festivals then have your July 4th party at home with the family and friends.

For a festive party, the color scheme is fairly obvious, eh? Red, white and blue. And don’t forget flags. There’s those small toothpick flags as well as smaller flags to spread out that are cheap and fun. Then there’s red, white and blue streamers.

To keep costs down, ask for potluck. Guests don’t mind and it gives great variety and helps save time for the host. Make sure your refrigerator is clean and with lots of room. Use an ice chest for all drinks to help create room. Get the barbecue flaring and crank out one of the main dishes.

You can also go creative with some of your dishes. Go get a rectangle cake from the grocery store or make it yourself. Yeah, right. Have the icing be plain white. Place blueberries as the square for the stars then place raspberries as the red lines and you have a flag cake that’s easy and quick. And, you can even call it healthy since it has fresh fruit on it.

If you’re going to have a good ‘ole fashioned all-day July 4th party get together, make sure you have some fun things to do. Keep a deck of cards, dominoes, board games around. Get a horseshoe set. Or, for cheap and easy, play ‘washers’. Create a makeshift set-up by getting a set of 4 washers out of the garage, two cans/cups placed in the ground, level with the dirt, pick teams and toss them. Here’s some basic rules.

Make sure you have music going. Great parties always have 2 things. Good music and good food. If you have to have a TV on, make sure it’s on a baseball game or a campy theme movie like “Independence Day” or “Field of Dreams”.

For the kids, have them play some sort of sports so they’re exercising. If you don’t have much room or want to make sure nothing gets broken, play cup baseball. Crush up a paper cup like a ball and hit the ball with your hand as the bat.

If you do have video games, make sure they’re motion games. Keep the kids active.

Now here’s where all of those seasonal rental items that you got from your local rent to own store come into play. Or, now’s the reason to go get something brand new at the rent to own store that will help the party out –  refrigerators, freezers, barbecue grills, out door furniture, HDTVs, boom boxes, ovens or whatever that makes your home as comfortable and fun as can be.

Just another ShopRTO Holiday tip.

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